For Masjid Khalid's Volunteers

May Allah be pleased with our efforts and accept our deeds


Let us provide khidmat to our Masjid. Masjid Khalid is always welcoming volunteers to help out in our affairs.


From graphic designers, technical experts and manpower… no help offered will be turned away. After all, a masjid is a community center for us all.

Click on the above image to download the .ppt file

Step 1 - Download Source File

To those who are more familiar using photoshop we would highly recommend downloading the PSD file.You can alternatively download the PowerPoint file in creating your posters.

Click on the above image to download the .psd file

Step 2 - Download Font Below

Below are some of the fonts that we usually use for our Masjid Khalid’s branding.

Step 3 - Unleash Your Creativity

Using these assets with your content, starting creating a poster and share them on our Facebook page. 

We would love to seem them!

Volunteers Sign Up

To those interested in becoming a volunteer for Masjid Khalid’s future event. Do fill in the form below and we will get back to you.